Summer in Stockholm – Video

Summer in Stockholm - Travel Video

When we started planning our trip to Stockholm there was one thing that everyone I asked agreed on: visit during summertime. And they were right! Stockholm might make a pretty postcard with ice and snow, but it comes alive when the sun is out and temperatures are high enough to leave your hat, scarves and gloves at home.

It was my first visit, so I can’t really compare it to any other season, but everything felt so relaxed. The parks were full of people lying on the grass, having a picnic or reading a book or newspaper. Clearly enjoying every beam of sunshine for as long as lasts. Something I can definitely relate to.

In between the walking, talking, coffee drinking and cinnamon bun eating – which basically summarizes our trip – I also managed to take some photos that I’ll share in a later post together with my Stockholm tips. So today a little preview of what’s to come in my ‘Summer in Stockholm’ video.