15 July 2014

My new camera bag: ONA Bowery

Review of the ONA Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac Leather

Finding the perfect camera bag is not easy. Especially for women. You don’t wear the same shoes with every outfit. And the same goes for camera bags: different occasions ask for different camera bags.

My life in camera bags:

  1. Crumpler camera backpack: I had just bought a new camera, so I needed a bag. This was a very sturdy, high quality bag, but didn’t have a lot of space to carry stuff other than your camera equipment.
  2. Crumpler messenger bag: I went on a trip where I had to bring both my camera, my laptop plus a lot of other things. The bag was huge… and I never used it again after this trip.
  3. Lowepro backpack: For my trip to Namibia I wanted to bring a backpack, but one that would also fit a lot of other things. This was a great bag, exactly what I needed.
  4. Lowepro Passport Sling: When you’re not camping or traveling through the desert, you don’t want to look like a tourist with your backpack. You can fold this bag so it’s easy to bring as a day bag in your suitcase. Or I only use its removable insert in a ‘regular’ handbag to protect my camera. I’ve used this bag the most and I still love it.
  5. Kelly Moore Libby Bag: One thing that all these bags are not is ladylike. And if you want to travel in style, you need an appropriate camera bag. Kelly Moore designs camera bags for women and they’re beautiful. I often carry this bag with me on business trips when I want to bring my camera. The only downside is that it’s quite heavy, so I always leave it in the hotel room.

Review of the ONA Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac LeatherReview of the ONA Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac LeatherCamera bag number six: the ONA Bowery

After five bags, you’d think that I was about covered for every situation. Yes, I thought so too… Until I moved to London and started blogging. I now like to bring my camera everywhere I go while still trying to look a little bit stylish. I wanted a leather bag, that didn’t look like a camera bag, and one just big enough to fit my London city basic essentials: camera, iPhone, wallet and oyster card.

And I found him (her? it?). The ONA Bowery is the perfect bag for me in London. I instantly fell in love with the one in antique cognac leather. Because it’s such soft leather it does scratch very easily, but that also gives it that nice ‘antique look’.

Review of the ONA Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac Leather

Review of the ONA Bowery Bag in Antique Cognac Leather

What’s in the bag?

The ONA Bowery fits my Nikon D80 with a small lens attached and then there’s enough space for either a second lens (which I never bring with me walking around the city) or some small items like your wallet, phone, sunglasses or keys.

It has two exterior pockets under the flap, where I usually put my oyster card, and two small ones on the side. You could fit your phone in here, but you’ll have a hard time getting it out (and probably miss the call). Then there’s another exterior pocket on the back which fits my iPad mini (although it sticks out a little bit).

It’s exactly what I was looking for, so I don’t think I’ll need another camera bag for a while. But you know how it goes with having a bag addiction… So, out of curiosity, what camera bag are you using?


Note: All photos of me were taken by my friend Sandra: check out her Instagram account!


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