04 May 2013

Greenwich Time

Sometimes you just need to be a tourist in your own city. And as it is a long weekend, which means that the city is filled with tourists anyway, I thought why not join them. So I rode my bike – through the rain – to Greenwich.

On my way to Greenwich Park I walked by the Old Royal Naval College. This 17th century monument is kind of impressive (and free). And as you walk around, you’re being accompanied by beautiful classical music played by practicing students of the Trinity College of Music. Pretty cool!

Then, from the 17th century I went back to Greenwich Mean Time at the Royal Observatory. And as a true tourist, I’m proud to tell you that I took a picture of the famous Meridian Line with each foot in a different hemisphere. You actually need to stand in line – on the Meridian Line – to take that picture, but when you’re there anyway you can’t leave without it of course.

Fortunately by then the sun had come out…. Until it was time to leave and I could ride my bike -through the rain – all the way back. But hey, being Dutch it feels just like home.

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