08 June 2015

La Corrèze & Dordogne Valley

Exploring the Dordogne Valley in France, and especially the beautiful Corrèze region. Have a look at the video on the blog.Before this trip, I always associated the Dordogne with memories of summer holidays with the family. Swimming in the river, fresh croissants and baguettes with Nutella for breakfast, barbecuing in the evening, singing along in the back seat with the same cd on repeat (or cassette tape – yes, I’m that old) and visiting charming French markets.

I’d never visited the region as an adult. Never tasted the regional wine (I preferred drinking Orangina at the time). Never spoke French with the locals (except for the ‘cinq croissants et une baguette s’il vous plaît‘ at the bakery). So since my impression of the region was based on experiences that happened years ago as a kid, I had no idea what I would think of it this time.

I was invited to explore the Dordogne Valley, and especially the Corrèze region, together with Lucy from Shiny Thoughts and we had an amazing time. It brought back memories (oh, those curvy roads…), but most of the time it was like seeing it for the first time.

I’ll be sharing a lot more stories and photos in the coming weeks, but I thought I would start with the video I made.