24 December 2018

15 Amazing restaurants in Maastricht & shopping tips

If my previous post didn’t convince you to visit Maastricht, then this one should do it. Because in addition to being super charming, Maastricht is also a great city for shopping and eating.

So in this post, I’m sharing my favorite cafés and restaurants in Maastricht for lunch, dinner and coffee. And if you’re ready to do some shopping in Maastricht, you’ll also find tips for shops you don’t want to miss.

Best restaurants in Maastricht for lunch

Since I’m spending three days in Maastricht, there are not enough meals in one day to have lunch at all my favorite restaurants. But all these restaurants in Maastricht have a great lunch menu and some also serve breakfast.


I have to start with the Brandweerkantine as one of my favorite places to eat in Maastricht. Located in a former fire brigade building (hence the name), this is such a unique restaurant. Last year I had dinner here, so this time I wanted to see it during the day.

It is a large open space with lots of tables, but also some vintage / retro-style seatings if you’re just coming for a drink.

Address: Capucijnenstraat 21

Grenzeloos – Tosti & Koffie

I love a good grilled cheese sandwich and Grenzeloos makes the best. This new lunch restaurant in Maastricht only started a few months ago with the ambition to create a ‘living room for Maastricht’ where you can get the best coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches. I had the ‘fake news’ sandwich: yum!

Address: Boschstraat 98


Another lunch spot at a very special location is Tapijn. This was once the dining hall of the Tapijn barracks. The original plan was that this restaurant would only stay for a short while until the city would decide what they want to do with the buildings. But Tapijn will stay for at least another two years.

Details in the interior, such as the old military uniforms and old radios remind you of the building’s history. And so does the menu with the ‘Commander in Cheese’ salad, ‘Recruits Catch’ and ‘Private veggie burger’.

Although I don’t think the soldiers were having miso ramen back in the day. Which is what I’m having and it’s delicious.

Address: Tapijnkazerne 20

‘T Wycker Cabinet

Even though I’m talking about lunch restaurants here, I actually had breakfast at ‘t Wycker Cabinet twice. As the name suggests this is a popular spot in the Wyck district, not far from the Townhouse Design Hotel where I’m staying.

Address: Wycker Brugstraat 29b

Café Zondag

Café Zondag (meaning Sunday) gets crazy busy on the weekend. It’s not only a popular place for brunch and coffee, but also for drinks in the evening. And since it’s not too big, you’re lucky if you can get a table.

But during the week it’s fine, so I stopped by for coffee (and after seeing the menu wished I hadn’t had breakfast yet).

Address: Wycker Brugstraat 42

Best cafes in Maastricht for coffee lovers

Maastricht’s coffee scene offers so many options, each with its unique ambiance and specialty brews. From old, cozy cafes nestled in narrow cobblestone streets to modern, trendy espresso bars. Whether you’re seeking a perfect cappuccino or a robust espresso, these cafes in Maastricht will make you want to come back for more. In addition to Café Zondag that I mentioned above, these are my favorite spots for a coffee break from all the sightseeing and shopping.

Koffie bij Joost en Maartje

When you’re calling your coffee bar simply ‘coffee’ then the coffee better be good. And it is. Koffie bij Joost en Maartje is a great place to stop by when you’re in the Jekerkwartier area. And don’t miss the concept store Le Marais Deux next door.

Address: Maastrichter Heidenstraat 8

Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee

I don’t know how this became a ‘thing’, but apparently a coffee bar in a cycle store / workshop works really well. Alley Cat Bikes & Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops in Maastricht.

Address: Hoenderstraat 15-17


Kafethéa in Maastricht, a coffee bar and vegan bakery. Check out the rest of my blog post with 15 Amazing Food & Shopping Hotspots in Maastricht

Kafethea is not only a coffee bar but also a vegan bakery that serves breakfast and lunch. I loved the cosy interior and the counter made out of books.

Address: Mariastraat 6

Lumiere Cinema Restaurant Cafe

How amazing does this Maastricht cafe look?! Lumière is a cinema located in a former factory (across the street from the Sphinx Passage), but even if you don’t want to see a movie, the restaurant alone is worth it.

Address: Bassin 88


You can’t leave Maastricht without having ‘vlaai’, the traditional pie in Limburg. At the Bisschopsmolen you can see how they make the pies and then have a slice at their café. Or go to the bakery next door to buy a slice (or an entire pie – why not?) to take home as the ultimate Maastricht food souvenir.

Address: Stenenbrug 3

Where to have dinner in Maastricht

As I mentioned before, there are so many great restaurants in Maastricht. So whether you’re looking for something fancy or casual, there are lots of options to choose from. The Brandweerkantine that I mentioned at the very beginning is a good choice if you’re looking for a nice but casual restaurant in Maastricht to have dinner. But if you’re in the mood for something more fancy, then I can highly recommend Le Bon Vivant.

Le Bon Vivant: fine dining restaurant in Maastricht

Le Bon Vivant, a great restaurant in Maastricht for a delicious dinner. Check out the rest of my blog post with 15 Amazing Food & Shopping Hotspots in Maastricht

My first evening in Maastricht I’m having dinner at Le Bon Vivant. I enter the restaurant walking down the stairs to the cosy converted cellar.

From the moment I arrive I know this is going to be a great experience. There’s a menu if you’d like to order à la carte, but if you’re really having a night out you’ll want to go for the 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7-course menu du chef.

The menu changes every three months, following the seasons. I’m having four courses tonight, each course paired with a different glass of wine (it’s a good thing my hotel is only a five minute walk from here).

The food is incredible. French cuisine, but with influences from other countries make each course exciting and delicious.

Address: Capucijnenstraat 91

Shopping in Maastricht

Since we don’t want to spend all our time in Maastricht eating (or do we…), let’s move on to my favorite shops in Maastricht.

Bookstore Dominicanen

Now don’t tell me you ‘already have a book’, you don’t like reading or you read all your books on an e-reader. It doesn’t matter, you’ll want to visit Bookstore Dominicanen in a 13-th century gothic Dominican church. Also known as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. I have to agree. And when you’re done browsing books and admiring the store, there’s also a Coffeelovers coffee bar.

Address: Dominicanerkerkstraat 1


The Minckelersstraat is such a great street for shopping in Maastricht. And Festen is probably my favorite find here. I’m not sure how to describe it as they’re selling so many different things. One thing’s for sure, it’s impossible to leave the store empty handed.

Address: Minckelersstraat 1A


Located across the street is Nolabel, an interior and lifestyle store. If you like modern design (Dutch, Scandinavian), you need to go here. So many beautiful things for your home.

Address: Minckelersstraat 10


Another favorite spot for shopping in Maastricht (in the Wyck area) is De VerwonderinG. Back in 1996 this was Maastricht’s first concept store. If you’re looking for an original gift, accessories, furniture or just something nice to buy for yourself, this is the place to be.

Address: Hoogbrugstraat 21

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