19 August 2019

How to eat your way through Bangkok

I know, writing about where to eat in Bangkok (or Thailand) and not mentioning street food is kind of unacceptable. But with so many stories already out there about where to find the best street food, what Thai food you must try, etc…. I thought I’d focus on another side of the food scene in this city. That of the many modern, super cool restaurants, coffee shops and rooftop bars. I had no idea when I was planning this trip that Bangkok is so into coffee. Or that one week wouldn’t be enough to try the most interesting hotspots.

But going from restaurant to coffee shop to cocktail bar, etc is also a way for me to escape the high temperatures + humidity (not really ‘my thing’). So after one week I can now share with you my modern food guide with 13 of the best restaurants in Bangkok to have brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee and cocktails.

Where to eat in Bangkok: Brunch


When I travel I always like to try as much local food as possible. But I have to admit, that when it comes to the first meal of the day, I tend to be less adventurous. My empty stomach prefers bread, eggs, fruit, that sort of thing.

This is one of the reasons why I loved discovering Sarnies. As I found out later, this is actually a popular coffee chain from Singapore, with this being their first Bangkok café. So of course, the coffee was perfect, as were their juices. And my avocado toast was exactly what I needed that morning.

The decor is another reason to put Sarnies on your list. Located in a historic part of the city, the building where Sarnies is now was once (as in 150 years ago) a boat repair shop. Inside you can see it’s been around for a long time, but combined with modern furniture you get the perfect, cosy brunch spot.

Address: 101-103 Charoen Krung Road 44


The morning I ended up having breakfast at Roast, I was actually looking for Roots (which I’ll go into later). They’re both located in The Commons, sort of a modern, creative mall (for lack of a better word) in Thonglor, not far from my hotel.

But arriving hungry, when I saw Roast I decided to stop here for breakfast first. And I’m glad I did. My zucchini and corn fritters were the perfect start of the day.

Address: 1 Helix Building B 693 695 Sukhumvit Road

Luka Moto

I’m adding Luka Moto in Thonglor as a brunch recommendation here, even though I technically didn’t eat here. But I really wish I did. I stopped here for coffee after I had just finished my breakfast. So even though it looked great and the staff was trying to convince me to have a second breakfast (which has worked in the past), I only had a cappuccino here. Of course I told myself I would come back the next day, but I never did… Next time I’m in Bangkok, I’ll start here.

Address: The Taste Thonglor, 235 Soi 11, Soi Sukhumvit 55

Where to eat in Bangkok: Lunch & Dinner


Sometimes binge watching shows on Netflix can actually help prepare you for your next trip. Err was featured in an episode of Somebody Feed Phil, which made me add it to my ‘where to eat in Bangkok’ list.

The owners of Err are Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan ‘Lan’ Jones from restaurant Bo.Lan, one of the best restaurants in the world (and featured in season 5 of Chef’s Table). They describe the menu as ‘urban rustic Thai food’. One look at it makes you want to come back the rest of the week to try it all. I had several of the small dishes that the staff recommended plus of course their signature ‘Chicken Movie’ (crispy chicken skin with a home-made hot sauce). I loved it!

I now really want to try Bo.Lan as well, which is located right next to the Volve Hotel. For that however you’ll need to make a booking long in advance, so: next time!

Address: 394/35 Maha Rat Road

The Never Ending Summer

If you’re looking to try classic Thai dishes, but with a modern twist, then go The Never Ending Summer. The restaurant is located on the other side of the river from where you’ll find most tourist attractions. But it’s worth taking the shuttle boat or walk across the bridge like I did. If you can, try making a reservation. The converted warehouse with its high ceilings and industrial interior is very spacious, but also quite popular. When I arrived for lunch, they suggested that I’d go to their other restaurant next door, which has the same menu. However, that restaurant doesn’t look as nice as this one, so I decided to wait for a table. Which wasn’t long at all.

Address: 41/5 Charoen Nakhon Road

Seven Spoons

Unfortunately I didn’t take any decent photos at Seven Spoons, but I don’t want to leave them out. While staying at the Bangkok Publishing Residence, I’m having a bit of a hard time figuring out where to eat in this part of Bangkok. Most tourist attractions are in this area, but strangely enough the restaurants aren’t. Which is why I was so happy when I found Seven Spoons. The menu is international with Mediterranean influences. After three weeks eating Thai every day, I’m loving my delicious pasta dinner with a glass of red wine.

Address: 22-24 Thanon Chakkraphatdi Phong

Where to eat Bangkok: Best Coffee

Buddha & Pals

As I said earlier, I had no idea that Bangkok loves coffee so much. Of course, once I found out and started looking on Instagram for recommendations, the list of places that I wanted to try quickly became too long to cover in one week.

Buddha & Pals is one of those Instagram favorites. Although as I’m sitting there, enjoying my coffee and writing in my travel journal, I’m almost the only one here. Except for a group of Buddhist monks (really!) and a group of teenagers using the café as a background for their Instagram photoshoot.

Address: 712 Krung Kasem Road

Roots at the Commons

Roots was the coffee place I was trying to find when I ended up having breakfast at Roast. Roast, Roots potato, potahto, it gets confusing when it’s early in the morning in a new city. But it worked out well. First, have breakfast at Roast and then just walk to Roots for coffee. Although Roast serves Roots coffee, so technically I already had Roots coffee without realizing it… (This is turning into a really bad story.) Anyway, great coffee, not many options to sit, but worth checking out!

Address: 335 Thong Lo 17 Alley

Høst x Amber

My experience at Høst x Amber was an ‘Instagram made me do it’ kind of moment. I’ve never ordered a coffee this expensive in my life, nor do I think I ever will again. But when I saw photos of this coffee with steam coming out of the glass, I was intrigued. Enough to show the woman taking my order a picture of this particular coffee and asking her to make me that.

Høst x Amber is a collaboration project with Hong Kong coffee brewery Amber and located inside a department store, which makes it a little bit difficult to find. The THB 450 (€13) drink is a mix of cold espresso, pineapple juice and the aroma from earl grey tea. I would describe it as…interesting. Most of all it looks spectacular. They add the aroma for you a couple of times, so if you didn’t take a good picture the first time you can try again. But if you don’t care about photographing your coffee (you’d be the only one in Bangkok), then I would order something else.

Address: 1F Zen department Store at Central World 4, 4/5 Rajdamri Road

Coffeeology at Open House (Central Embassy)

When you come to the Central Embassy mall to eat, one option is to try the large ‘Eathai’ food court in the basement. But what I found much more interesting is what’s on the top floor. Open House is a beautiful bright space with different eateries, coffee shops, book and design stores, co-working spaces etc. It’s really cool.

If you’re looking for good coffee while you’re here, go to Coffeeology. Or have a Thai iced tea which was one of my favorite drinks in Thailand.

Address: Lumphini, Pathum Wan

Sa-Ti Handcraft Coffee

On my last day in Bangkok I take an Uber to Sa-Ti Handcraft Coffee. She drops me off at the right address but it still takes me a while to understand where I need to be. The coffee shop in a greenhouse is tucked behind other shops and restaurants, so you can’t see it when you walk down the street.

The coffee is one of the best I’ve had in Bangkok. And the green courtyard next to it gives it such a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. A great spot to catch your breath when the craziness of the city is getting too much. And if you’re feeling creative you can sign up for a class at the ‘Made here on earth‘ co-workshop space right next to it.

Address: 110/2 6 Khwaeng Samsen Nai

Factory Coffee

Factory Coffee is probably one of the most well-known coffee bars in Bangkok and for me it was the very last one I visited before flying home. They roast and sell their own coffee, have award-winning baristas, so the expectations are high. Fortunately it doesn’t disappoint. By the time I arrive the place is packed with friends catching up and digital nomads staring at their laptop screens while sipping their coffee. Which is amazing by the way. You can order any ‘standard’ coffee you like, but there are plenty of options on the menu to see some serious barista skills in action. Also if you like a cold brew, they sell them in really cool bottles.

Address: 49 Phayathai Road

Where to eat in Bangkok: Best rooftop bar for cocktails

Wallflowers Upstairs

On my very last evening in Thailand I visit a place that should be at the top of everybody’s list: Wallflowers. If you come here during the day, don’t miss the Wallflowers café for which you first need to walk through the floral shop before taking the stairs to the first floor. Because the rooftop bar wasn’t open yet, I sat here for a little while and it’s so nice. The interior is beautiful with flowers and plants everywhere, combined with antique decorations. Oh, and they sell beautifully decorated cakes.

But the reason I’m here is Wallflowers Upstairs which opens at 6pm. The entrance is next door and as you climb the wooden staircase you can’t help but stop along the way because it all looks so interesting. As does the rooftop bar. The atmosphere is so incredibly cosy and inviting with all the plants and lights. I’m sure there are rooftop bar with better views, but I have no doubt you’ll love it here.

Address: 31 33 Maitri Chit Road

Where to eat in Bangkok: a modern food guide to the best restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand.

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