Urban Pixxels turns two

Daffodils in full bloom in the NetherlandsI can’t believe it’s already been two years since I hit publish for the first time and started my own little blog. I remember reading that most blogs don’t make it past the first six months and I was wondering if I would be one of them.

What did I know about blogging? Nothing, except from following some other bloggers whose lives seemed to be pretty interesting. Traveling the world and then writing about it. Can I do that please?

Flower fields with daffodils in the Netherlands
Never good at keeping a diary, I wanted to have a place to collect the stories (and photos) of my ‘new London life’. And since I knew that eventually the questions from friends and family (and their friends and family) would come, asking if I had ‘some tips’ for their city trip to London, I figured I could better start early putting all my tips in one place. And so Urban Pixxels was born.

Flower fields with hyacinths in the Netherlands

Little did I know…That because of this blog:

  1. I would meet most of my best friends in London. Blogger meet-ups were (and are) the best place to meet the coolest (and craziest) people in the city.
  2. I would turn into more of a geek than I already was. Changing and optimizing the design of my blog, SEO, html…
  3. I would travel to other countries to learn more about blogging (nerd alert) and meet up with blogger friends across the world. (See you in Berlin this weekend).
  4. I would become obsessed with the perfect flat white. Earl grey tea just doesn’t look as good on Instagram…
  5. I would be able to make (a little bit of) money with my photography.
  6. I would almost choke on my breakfast when seeing my name appear on Harper’s Bazaar.
  7. … Or being named Best Expat blog in the UK or Travel blogger to watch in 2015.
  8. I will never be done exploring London. A blog is the best excuse to get off that couch and do something new.
  9. I would turn into a serious foodie (I blame my food blogging friends) and get invited to try new menus or afternoon teas – with some annoying extra body weight as a result.
  10. I get to combine everything I love – travel, photography, writing, food – every single day.

Flower fields with hyacinths in the NetherlandsIt really feels like I just started and I still have so much to learn about blogging. But I’m loving every minute of it. So thank you so much for following along. All your comments and support really mean a lot.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what these photos have to do with my blog anniversary….Eh, nothing really. I was in the Netherlands this weekend and the daffodils and hyacinths were in full bloom. And well, what’s a celebration without some pretty flowers?