16 September 2015

How much fun is Paris when it rains?

The great thing about Paris is that it’s close to London. The downside is that the weather will be just as unpredictable. Sure, Paris is always a good idea. But do you still think so when you’re walking around the city in the pouring rain?

A couple of weeks ago, when I started planning my trip, the weather was gorgeous. No rain and lots of sunshine. How lovely would it be to be walking around Paris right now, I thought. And so I got tickets for the Eurostar, found a nice hotel (Le 5 Codet) and was ready to go.

And then it started raining. Not just a little bit of rain, as in ‘my little folding umbrella will keep me dry’. No, more like a tropical storm. Without the wind and high temperatures. So not really tropical nor a storm… But let’s just say it was very, very wet.

So much for my plan to be walking around Paris, sitting outside one of those charming cafés with my coffee and croissant, and making a video of all the pretty places I would visit. Oh well, shit rain happens. Plan B it is. I borrowed a larger size umbrella from the hotel, took the metro instead of walking, had my coffee indoors… And made a video of Paris in the rain.