16 February 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

cake 1
cake 2

One of the fun things about a ‘new city’ is that I can discover new hotspots for having coffee, tea…. and cake. And the best source for finding those places are of course the locals. One of them brought me here: Drink, Shop & Do. On the outside it doesn’t really look like a restaurant; You only see a small design shop (with really cute stuff by the way). But when you walk to the back of the store, you find a spacious, light area with lots of small tables where people are having…. cake.

During the day this is great place for having your afternoon tea, but this place is better known for what happens in the evenings. Every night they organize a special thing to ‘Do’ while sitting at your table. A bit strange…. but so much fun. When I came here the night before Valentine’s day, an employee dressed as Doctor Love put me to work with glue, scissors and hilarious pre-fabricated poetry lines to create a Valentine’s card (‘Because love doesn’t need to rhyme, but it’s better if it does‘). Other nights you can expect ‘Build your own Lego robot’, a vintage pin-up girl make-over, or ‘Play with clay Patrick Swayze style’. So definitely the place to go to when you’re not in the mood for your average pub night. Oh right, and everything – and I mean everything – is for sale.