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CitizenM London
Of course, having your own apartment (which I just found!) in London is great. But I must admit, that I’m also a bit sad that I won’t be staying in this hotel anymore. CitizenM has been my home away from home for the last week. And what a home it has been!

Are you into design and gadgets, and do you always need to be online? Then this is the place to go. With so many hotels in the city, I’m sure there are many more affordable places to find…. But this is so much more fun! Imagine this: after a long day of shopping (or house hunting) you step into your room and there lies a tablet waiting for you. Like a personal butler, controlling your entire room with just the push of a button.  Want to watch a movie? Just say so, and the blinds close automatically, dimming the lights and you can choose from a range of free movies. More in a romantic mood? The lights will adjust to the right settings.

CitizenM London

You don’t sleep in just any ordinary bed, but in one with king size measures: 2 by 2 meter! When you wake up, you choose the lighting and music before you step under a wonderful rain shower. And whether you are a morning or evening person, there’s a specific shampoo for both.

Downstairs you grab a fresh croissant and cappuccino, and you choose one of the many different design seatings to prepare yourself for a new day in London.

As a London citizen to be I probably won’t be staying in many London hotels anymore, but if you’re planning a visit and need a hotel in the city centre, this is definitely one I can recommend. At least I’ve found enough inspiration for what my ideal London home should look like.CitizenM London