17 March 2014

Brixton Village and Market Row

Brixton Village and Market Row in LondonOutside Brixton Village, LondonRestaurants at Brixton Village and Market Row, LondonBrixton Village and Market Row, LondonSourdough Bread at Brixton Village and Market Row, LondonBrixton Village and Market Row, made by SalonChampagne and Fromage at Brixton Village and Market Row, London I love living in South London. And no…you don’t need a passport to get here as some North Londoners keep suggesting. It’s true that you’ll find more of the famous London landmarks and attractions north of the river, but the south has plenty to offer as well. Such as one of my favorite places in the city: Brixton Village and Market Row.

Whenever I have guests visiting me for the first time, I always take them here for a proper (yet affordable) evening of eating and drinking. This is where the cool and food-loving locals hang out in the weekend. In the covered markets you’ll find many different shops, cafés and restaurants, representing the entire multicultural community. Most of them only have a small ‘outdoor’ seating area, but if you get here just before 7pm you should still have enough options to choose from. Except maybe for the popular Franco Manca, which is considered the best pizza joint in London and always has a long line of hungry people waiting for a table.

Speaking about queues, most restaurants only take cash and the nearest ATM is the one just outside the tube station, which has…another queue. So make sure to bring enough cash with you.

There’s nothing posh or fancy about this place. It’s simply great food, with friendly people in a colorful, charming and authentic neighborhood unlike any other. Must be a South London thing…