11 October 2013

Museum weather

British MuseumBritish Museum_5British Museum_4British Museum_2I shouldn’t have done it…. See what happens when you start talking about nice sunny autumn days? Rain, cold, storm…Everything that’s not to like about the British weather. Sorry!

So what do you do when looking out of the window makes you want to crawl right back into bed (or sit in front of a nice fireplace, but I don’t have one)? You start looking for things to do indoors. In the Netherlands we often refer to this type of weather as ‘museum weather’ since it’s the perfect time to visit a museum (not an open air one). I’m not exactly sure if we use the same expression in English, but if not I think we all should.

The last museum I visited in London, when it was still sunny as you can see by the clothes that people are wearing, was the British Museum. And it was amazing. The 6100 m² glass ceiling above the Great Court when you walk into the museum is just breathtaking. It would be enough of a reason to visit the museum, but it’s only the beginning.

The British Museum was the first national public museum in the world (founded in 1753), with nearly 6 million annual visitors today. It is also one of the largest museums in the world and with thirteen million objects you’re going to need some time here.

So far, I’ve also only seen a small part of the museum, since it’s just too much to do in one visit. But the good thing is that it’s free (as are most London museums), so you can easily come back multiple times.

Of course I’m hoping that by talking about the cold, rainy weather, it will all of a sudden change back into this beautiful Indian Summer. Fingers crossed!