Best books & blogs for your next trip to London

Best books and blogs for your next trip to LondonSo it turns out that when you move to a new city, after two years you’ll need a separate bookcase for all the books you’ve collected about your new hometown. You’d think I’m doing a PhD on London…I’m not. Writing a blog post also doesn’t require a lot of research. So how did I end up with all these books about London?!

Some of these books have been gathering dust ever since I got them, but there are others that I really love and actually still use. They’ve helped me to discover hidden gems, great restaurants or just fun things to do.

But if we’re really looking for the best tips on what to do in London, where to go and what to eat, then we’ll need more than just books. We’re going to need blogs too. So I thought I would share both: my favorite books and blogs about London to help you prepare for your next trip.

Best Books about London

Best books to plan your next trip to London: J'aime London by Alain Ducasse, London Villages by Zena Alkayat and London Style Guide by Saska GravilleBut let’s start with my favorite books.

J’aime London – 100 culinary destinations for food lovers by Alain Ducasse

If you’re a foodie then you’re going to love this book. It’s quite heavy so not the kind of book you want to bring with you to London, but it’s super beautiful. Alain Ducasse shares his London favorites for great food, including restaurants, cafés and food markets. And what I especially love about it, is that the photography in this book is amazing.

London Villages: Explore the City’s Best Local Neighbourhoods  by Zena Alkayat

If you’re looking for those charming little neighborhoods in a city, that always have the best shops and restaurants, then you need this book. Zena Alkayat shares 30 different areas all over London, each with an illustrated map and tips for where to find those local gems. I love exploring London with this book, like my recent visit to Bermondsey Street.

London Style Guide by Saska Graville

This was one of the first books I bought when I moved here. You can tell this book is written by a born and bred Londoner who is always looking for the best places to eat, sleep and shop. For every London neighborhood you get an illustrated map, the best tips for restaurants, hotels and shops, and throughout the book you’ll find interviews with locals who are sharing why they love their neighborhood and what their tips are.

Best Blogs about London

Best blogs about London to plan your next trip: A Lady in London, Have you heard of it? and Mondo MuliaAh, the books were the easy part. Because I might have a nice collection of books about London, there are far more great blogs out there to find London tips.

A Lady in London by Julie Falconer

When I just started blogging I thought Julie was some sort of blogging superstar who had managed to turn her passion for travel into a career. Every time I went to a blogging event, drink, workshop etc, Julie would be on stage, in the panel or presenting. I’m sure I looked like a groupie (or stalker). We’re friends now, so those stalking days are over, but her blog A Lady in London is still one of my go-to places for tips on interesting things to do in London.

Have You Heard Of It? by Nina Fitton

If you follow me on Pinterest then you might have seen that recently most of my pins are coming from one website: Have You Heard Of It? Another title for her blog could have been ‘I don’t know how she does it’, because it’s incredible how many places Nina visits in London and then blogs about. She has an interactive map with pins of all her reviews and most of her best tips are for places to eat and drink (with a separate category for coffee).

Mondomulia by Giulia Mulè

With so many great blogger friends in London it’s not easy to pick a third one. But with all her tips on where to go for brunch, get the best coffee or have an incredible dinner in London, Giulia definitely deserves a spot in my top 3. In addition to being a good blogger (- and cook!), Giulia is also a talented photographer whose beautiful food photos will make you want to try that brunch/coffee/dinner the moment she blogs about it.

So that’s my top 3. Another great source – although technically not a blog – are the new London area guides on the Flexioffices website. The tips are from some of London’s best bloggers and I’ve been running around London for the photos.

What are your favorite books or blogs about London?