Top 10 Travel Tech this Summer

Top 10 Travel Tech for Summer. My favorite tech and gadgets that need to be in my suitcase.I know we complain about the weather a lot in London, but usually it’s about the rain, the cold, and not about it being too hot. But this week most Londoners are complaining that it actually feels like summer –  in the summer. So this is what summer feels like…Be careful what you wish for!

I’m like most Londoners. When I think about summer, I think about getting on a plane and travel to another country where it’s more likely that I actually get to enjoy the sun.

As much as I love to travel, I hate the packing part. I never know what to bring, what to wear, so it’s fair to say that I’m not really known for traveling light. But when it comes to tech and gadgets, I know exactly what I need. (Maybe it’s because they don’t have to match my shoes…?)

John Lewis asked me what my favorite tech for this summer is, so I thought I’d share my top 10 of things that are already in my suitcase or will be soon.

On the Plane

1. Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones. If there’s one thing I can’t travel without it’s these headphones. They’re quite big, so it’s not the most charming look, but they make long flights so much better. They cancel most of the noise around you (screaming babies are slightly less annoying), and when you listen to music or watch a movie, the sound is so amazing that you’ll be in your own little bubble. Money well spent!

2. iPad Mini. I may not be able to travel light, but one way to reduce the weight of my suitcase is by reading all my books and magazines on my iPad. And because the tv-screens on airplanes always annoy me (I could write a post about how they are not made for tall people…), I prefer to watch movies on my iPad.

On the Beach

3. Mobile Hotspot. Okay, I’m not really a lying on the beach type of person. But more in general, when you’re not traveling in a city, it will be more difficult to find a wifi signal to check email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Remember the days when that wasn’t an issue at all?!). When I was in France, we were using a mobile hotspot that had a local sim (and sends out a wifi signal) so you don’t have to worry about high roaming costs. Don’t have one yet, but it’s on my wish list.

4. UE Boom portable speaker. Another one on the wish list. The headphones are great, but you don’t want to wear them every time you want to listen to your favorite song. This speaker connects via bluetooth and has a battery life of up to 15 hours, so you won’t need any cables.


5. GoPro. I’m still learning how to properly use it, but I love my GoPro. It’s small, so won’t take up much space and with all the different mounts you can have so much fun with it. Plus it has a waterproof case, perfect for those summer videos on the beach or by the pool.

6. Sony A6000. Right before I left for San Diego, John Lewis asked me to test the Sony A6000 camera, so I used it while I was there (I’ll share the review and photos later). It won’t replace my Nikon D750, but it takes excellent pictures and is nice and small. I’ll definitely use it more often this summer when I’m meeting friends in the city and don’t want to bring a heavy camera.


7. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. I recently started running again with the help of a podcast by a Flemish lady that has inspired half of the Netherlands and Belgium to get off their couch. I’m terrible at it, but it’s actually quite fun. Right now I’m listening to the podcast with the regular iPhone headphones, which isn’t great. So I’d love to get these bluetooth wireless headphones.

8. Apple Watch. I wasn’t going to get one…Who really needs it, right? But I couldn’t resist and now I’m walking around with a brand new Apple Watch on my wrist. And it’s true: you don’t need one. But I really like it. And it does motivate me to exercise more. It monitors my daily activity (move, exercise and stand) and I can control the podcast and my running app while I’m running without having to look on my phone.


9. Folding USB charger. With so many devices, I’m also carrying a lot of chargers and cables with me when I travel. I came across this USB charger the other day, that you can fold so it won’t take up much space. Have to have one!

10. Incase Portable Power. I get very nervous when the battery of my phone is about to die. So when I’m away most of the day, I always carry my Incase portable battery pack with me. It recharges my full phone battery, so I can continue posting those Instagram photos.

What are your favorite travel gadgets?